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Winch Counter

Specification sheet



Main purposes

The Winch Counter is designed to assis the technician operating the winch. It indicates the cable's lenght when that one is unwinded and the moving speed. Also, it is optionally possible to display the depth of an instrument attached to the cable's end according to the data from a CTD.

Also this last version offer the possibility for the wheelhouse to follow the indicator and to send messages to the technician. These personalized messages can be assiged on buttons on the software or send directly on the instrument. It allow to spare time to press a button ratter than to compose the entire text. The Winch Counter has a intern memory to save the numbers in case of a blackout.


- New! Wireless (in option)
- Splash proof polycarbonate box (9.4 x 6.3 x 4.7 in)
- Display the cable lenght (-99.9 to 999.9 meters)
- Display the cable moving speed (-9.99 to 99.99 meters/second)
- Visual and sound indication when a message is coming
- 3 x 4 digits (18 mm) LCD Screen
- 1 x 20 digits (4.75 mm) per 4 lines alphanumeric LCD screen
- Power input 85 to 264 VAC
- Internal permanant memory
- Wheelhouse program software included


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