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Photo Gallery

Through the years, we develop an expertise in the field of oceanographic equipment. Here are some products we made.

Viking Buoy IML-4 at the quay in 2013

Canadian Coast Guard, Photo:Hildering

Comodoro Rivadavia with the Argentina buoy

Viking Buoy IML-BA at the American Bank in 2017

Viking Buoy AZMP-STA27 at Newfoundland in 2017

Yves de Lafontaine (IML manager), Marc Parent (Rimouski mayor), Jacques St-Pierre, Rémi Massé (deputy) and Éric Forest (former Rimouski mayor) in December 2016 ©Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Viking Buoy IML-7 at the Gaspe Current in 2017

Viking Buoy PMZA-RIKI at deployment in 2017

Winch Counter


AURAL M2 at deployment. ©NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center

AURAL M2. © Erwan Amice, CNRS

Electronic Repair

Multi-Électronique's facilities


An AURAl M2 presentation

Our poster inside our facilities


The 2nd PAN-Americain/Iberian meeting on Acoustics 2010 at Cancun

Underwater camera system


AURAL M2 in test at IMQ in may 2007

Our stall during the Oceans 2013 at San Diego