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Main purposes

The Hydroball™ buoy is a fully-autonomous solution for bathymetric data acquisition. Its spherical design and robust shell casing have been engineered to make the HydroBall™ buoy most effective in perilous whitewater areas (e.g. river gorges, high-flowing river). The 40cm spherical shell encloses a singlebeam echosounder, a GNSS receiver and a digital compass.


Riverbed Survey
- Droped upstream, the HydroBall™ buoy autonomously collects bathymetric data while drifting

Traditional Hydrographic Survey
- Its fast deployment makes the HydroBall™ buoy an efficient alternative to classical pole-mounted single beam echosounder used in traditional hydrographic surveys.

Ultra-Coastal Zone Survey
- Mounted on a sled, the HydroBall™ buoy can produce continuous land-sea profiles for integration of continuous land and sea data.



- Diameter of 0.4 meter (16 inches)

- Weight of 13kg (28 pounds)

- 6 batteies of 6V gel-cell

- Battery life of 24h

- Connection USB


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