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Oceanographic and Meterology Buoys

Bouée PMZA-RIKI (Offline)

Buoy PMZA-VAS (Online)

Bouée AZMP-HLX (Offline)

Buoy AZMP-ESG (Online)

Buoy AZMP-STA27 (Online)

Bouée IML-7 (Offline)

Buoy IML-10 (Online)

Bouée IML-BA (Offline)

Buoy IML-14 (Online)

Buoy NORTH-AJAX (Online)

Bouée NORTH-AJAX-2 (Offline)

map showing the buoys' position


Underwater Recorders

View our popular autonomous underwater recorder for acoustic listening!



Oceanographic Buoys

Designed with the collaboration of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, the buoy measure optical, meteorological and oceanographic parameters.

Oceanographic Buoy

Real-time Data