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Founded in 1982, Multi-Électronique (MTE) Inc., as its name implies, is an active firm in the field of electronics. The company's activities were initially centered on the repair and manufacture of electronic equipment. Over the years, however, the company has stood out from the competition by offering customized equipment design and manufacturing services. The company's geographic location has also led Multi-Électronique to develop in-depth expertise in oceanographic equipment.

Over the years, its work gave the firm the opportunities to develop an expertise in the field of oceanographic equipment. Through the years, given the geographical location of the business, the project design and production as mainly been guided by requests from Ismer and the Maurice-Lamontagne Institute (IML). Although the company's services benefit to other clients such as Telus and Hydro-Quebec, Multi-Électronique's field of expertise remains focused in the field of oceanographic devices.

The company has also worked for diverse entertainment businesses. DEQ System (from St-Romuald) solicited the expertise of Multi-Électronique for the development of their side wager engines that are now world-renown. Since its beginning, the business realized many unique projects. The creation of the AURAL brings to Multi-Électronique a new product where there is an important need all around the world. The scientific community is strongly interested in this device. This is the first product of Multi-Électronique to be made and assembled for the international market. The company takes part in many conferences and exhibitions in ocean science, engineering, technology and management, including:

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New Management Team

Two Business owners, Charles Massicotte and François Levesque, recently purchased Multi-Electronique. Already owner of OpDAQ Systems, a company active in the maritime domain, they saw a good cooperation potential between the two companies.


On the picture, François Levesque, Jacques Saint-Pierre and Charles Massicotte in front of Multi-Electronique's office.

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